Creative Partnership Development Model

[*]IMC has been the industry leading producer of the highest quality interactivemultimedia safety and health training programs since 1984. We have partneredwith Fortune 500 companies such as IBM, Digital Equipment Corporation,AT&T, BellSouth Telecommunications, and U.S. Steelto create our award-winning library of off-the-shelf training products.As we continue to expand our library of products, we want to provide newopportunities for companies to work with us on the development of trainingprograms in which we have a shared interest.

[*]With this goal in mind, IMC created the Creative Partnership DevelopmentModel that would facilitate collaborations between IMC and companieswho needed new training programs and were looking for an experienced companyto work with. The essence of the business arrangement we have used withmany of the companies listed above offers a vehicle that enables companiesto develop high-quality multimedia training to meet their specific internal,as well as customer training needs at a reduced cost.

[*]In exchange for a limited financial contribution, partner companies aretypically provided with a license to use the multimedia program withintheir facilities and a package of current and future multimedia healthand safety training programs produced by IMC.

IMC will co-develop the program with you, shooting the material atyour locations, if so desired, and working closely with you and your contentand production resources to ensure that the program meets your trainingrequirements. The final program will provide you with a cost-effectivemeans of providing training to your employees.

Please call IMC if you would like to discuss the specifics of howthe Creative Partnership Development Model can work for your company.

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Formore information, Email us at imc@safetysite.com or contact us at:
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